Did You Know That 2 Diamonds With the Identical GIA Cert (and Value) Can Look Very Completely different? Right here’s Why – Vdoze.com
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Did You Know That 2 Diamonds With the Identical GIA Cert (and Value) Can Look Very Completely different? Right here’s Why
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Did You Know That 2 Diamonds With the Identical GIA Cert (and Value) Can Look Very Completely different? Right here’s Why 

This put up was written in collaboration with JannPaul. Whereas we’re financially compensated by them, we nonetheless try to keep up our editorial integrity and evaluate merchandise with the identical goal lens. We’re dedicated to offering the perfect suggestions and recommendation so as so that you can make private monetary selections with confidence. You’ll be able to view our Editorial Pointers right here.

So you’re taking the plunge and trying to purchase a diamond engagement ring. Or maybe you’re a massive fan of the coveted stone and wish to discover out extra earlier than you blow your total wage (or extra) on it.

In any case, it is vitally necessary to do your personal analysis before you purchase. Who’re the respected jewellers on the market, what does a GIA certification even imply, and do you even perceive what a diamond’s 4Cs are? Until you’re very wealthy, it’s not one thing you’ll be able to simply purchase off the shelf and exchange later.Shopping for a diamond ring can also be not so simple as you suppose — do you know that 2 diamonds of the identical GIA certificates (similar statistics) can look very completely different in actual life?

It’s worthwhile to use your eyes, do a comparability with similar-priced stones, in addition to use specialised instruments to check every diamond earlier than you resolve that it’s value paying for and that you’re not offered a dud or being chopped like a carrot.

Right here’s some insights to start out you in your journey of turning into a diamond skilled:

In response to jeweller JannPaul, diamonds should not every other luxurious branded good akin to a Lamborghini or a Louis Vuitton bag, that are instantly recognisable.

Between a “branded” and “non-branded” diamond, there are a lot of elements that have an effect on a diamond’s magnificence — rather more than what you suppose (the 4Cs, which might be defined under).

In actual fact, strolling right into a branded diamond store doesn’t assure you a stunning diamond.

To assist its clients make the perfect diamond determination, JannPaul prides itself on offering schooling — regardless that this isn’t a norm within the jewelry trade.

Right here’s how JannPaul guides its clients all through the diamond-buying course of (detailed explanations included right here):


What’s a GIA Certificates and the way do I learn it?

When a gemological laboratory has assessed the standard of a diamond, it points a certificates with the diamond’s detailed specs. There are a number of well-known gemological labs — GIA, AGS, IGI, EGL, GSI, and HRD — with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) being 2 of the strictest, dependable and most recognised on this planet.

And sure, this does matter, as a result of the lab’s evaluation will have an effect on how the diamond is priced. Additionally, the stricter a lab is, the extra correct the diamond’s paper specs might be.

Right here’s the right way to learn this pattern GIA cert:

April 30, 2018 — The date the diamond was licensed by the lab.

JannPaul says:  This shouldn’t be greater than 3 years in the past because the diamond could have suffered wear-and-tear since then, and could possibly be of a lesser worth now. If the diamond was broken, it might not be mirrored on the certificates.

GIA Report Quantity — This can be a distinctive serial variety of your diamond that’s laser-inscribed in your diamond’s girdle.

JannPaul says: It’s completely essential to verify the inscription variety of the diamond to match its certificates earlier than and after buying. That is to forestall any bait-and-switch tactic — there have been circumstances of personal jewellers who would show a greater diamond than what’s listed on the certificates. As soon as the shopper makes the acquisition, the precise diamond (as per the certificates) is then set onto the shopper’s ring.

Form and Reducing Model — The form is fairly simple, and the reducing model refers back to the side sample.

Measurements — This reveals the size to width (longest to shortest diameter) and depth of the diamond. By dividing the size to width, you’ll get a ratio. 

JannPaul says: For a extra symmetrical diamond, this ratio ought to be as near 1 as attainable. Within the instance certificates above, the ratio is 7.01/7.05 = 0.9943. If the ratio of the two numbers is simply too far aside, your diamond would seem extra oval.

Now transferring on to the 4Cs on the GIA cert, that are defined in additional element under:

Carat Weight — How heavy the diamond is, with 1 carat = 0.2 grams.

JannPaul says: Carat is the load of a diamond. If a diamond is reduce too steep/deep, it is going to seem smaller regardless that it’s of a better carat weight. It’s also really useful to keep away from sure flat carat weights, akin to 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.70, 1.00, and so on. This is because of diamond pricing brackets within the trade. For instance, a 0.69ct and a 0.70ct can have a value distinction as a lot as 20% regardless that it’s only a 0.01ct distinction.

Color Grade — The physique tone of the diamond, finest analysed from the pavilion facet of the diamond (diamond flat-side down). The decrease the color grade, the hotter the tone of the diamond. For instance, E is colourless and H has a really mild tint.

JannPaul says: A diamond can come in numerous color hues, akin to yellow, inexperienced, brown, and so on. relying on the place the diamond is mined from. GIA grades a diamond’s color by its tone and never its hue. Therefore, the GIA certificates gained’t point out if a diamond has a brownish hue. Over 50% of diamonds out there (branded and unbranded) have a brownish hue. This will solely be detected below white mild and particularly when the diamond is positioned in opposition to a real colourless diamond. 

This picture above reveals G Color graded diamonds, in numerous hues. Underneath typical jewelry retailer lighting, it’s virtually inconceivable to see any distinction as direct lights would masks the hue colors. Nevertheless, once you view the diamonds below white mild (eg. workplace lights, out of doors cloudy daylight, and so on), these hue colors are very apparent.

JannPaul solely accepts diamonds which have a yellow hue, as it’s the least apparent color amongst the others.

Readability Grade — This refers back to the inclusions (inside) and blemishes (floor) of the diamond. The readability grade begins from flawless and goes to VVS (very, very barely included), VS, SI (barely included) and so forth. The GIA cert additionally reveals the diamond’s readability traits, AKA the kind of inclusions.

JannPaul says: There are lots of several types of readability that appear innocent, even for a VS2 diamond. Nevertheless, these are high-grade readability diamonds that you could be careful for and really cautious about. Relying on the sort and placement of the inclusion, it could pose a sturdiness threat in your diamond.

For instance, a feather inclusion that cuts throughout a diamond’s girdle exposes the diamond to a sturdiness threat. An unintended knock the place the inclusion is situated could find yourself cracking or chipping the diamond.

As well as, particular consideration is required for cloud and pinpoint inclusions. Whereas one kind is usually a high-value buy the place it’s clear or translucent, the opposite will be very detrimental to the general fantastic thing about the stone. Relying on how dispersed the clouding or pinpoints are, you run the danger of getting a diamond that seems chalky/milky, therefore ruining the general fantastic thing about your diamond (it seems much less sparkly/shiny).

These 2 diamonds have the identical Readability grade. Nevertheless, the diamond on the left has cloud inclusions, which causes the diamond to look milky.

Minimize Grade — This refers to a diamond’s proportion.

JannPaul says: The very best Minimize grade on the GIA Certificates is ‘’Glorious’’. Nevertheless, a diamond with very poor mild efficiency can nonetheless be graded as an ‘’Glorious’’ reduce as this time period is extraordinarily free. Sadly, typical jewelry retailer lights are LED or Halogen — this makes most diamonds look the identical. Moreover, diamonds with poor mild efficiency are arduous to detect as these robust spotlights can masks the sunshine leakages in a diamond.

Nevertheless, when you convey the diamond outside away from these jewelry lights or below white mild (workplace mild), the true look of the diamond is revealed. A poor performing diamond will seem darker, duller and fewer sensible below these reasonable on a regular basis lighting environments. So as to keep away from poor performing diamonds, you could verify the diamond’s proportions and lightweight efficiency.

So as to verify the proportions of a diamond, a free and helpful on-line device is the HCA Instrument (Holloway Minimize Adviser). Key within the values on the diamond’s GIA cert to acquire a ultimate rating. The rating will vary from 0.4 to 10, however the decrease the rating, the higher the diamond’s mild efficiency. To be secure, JannPaul recommends a HCA rating of 1.4 or under.

Nevertheless, JannPaul cautions that the HCA device ought to solely be used as a rejection device to weed out diamonds of poor proportions.

Whereas a excessive HCA rating implies that a diamond has poorer mild efficiency, a low HCA rating could not essentially assure {that a} diamond has good mild efficiency. It’s because the Crown and Pavilion angles on the certificates are solely common values.

For instance, a diamond could have crown angles of 33°, 35°, 35.2°, and get a median worth of 34°. As well as, the HCA device solely takes under consideration 17 out of a diamond’s 57 aspects. Therefore, a low HCA rating doesn’t at all times translate to a good-performing diamond.

As soon as a diamond with a low HCA rating (good proportions) is discovered, the subsequent step is to verify its mild efficiency. That is the largest think about figuring out a diamond’s brilliance, fireplace and scintillation.

The ASET Scope, which stands for Angular Spectrum Analysis Instrument, measures the sunshine return of a diamond. This helps us analyse the diamond’s “fireplace” (the bursts of rainbow-coloured mild when the gem is considered below a direct mild supply) in addition to the quantity of scintillation (the quantity of sparkles and flashes when the diamond is moved).

Different objects in your GIA cert to have a look at embody Polish (how easy every side of the diamond is) and Symmetry (how exact every side aligns and intersects with each other, which may have an effect on mild efficiency).

For the latter, whereas a diamond could have Glorious Symmetry, the Hearts & Arrows sample might not be optically symmetrical. So you could verify your diamond below the Hearts and Arrows scope.

There’s additionally Fluorescence, which may have an effect on how the diamond appears to be like below UV mild or daylight. An excessive amount of of it might probably make your diamond seem chalky/milky, boring or have an off-colour tint. So most individuals will go for a diamond with no fluorescence.

The final rule of thumb is that diamonds with the identical GIA certs and triple Glorious scores usually price about the identical in most jewelry shops.


Seeing is believing — don’t simply depend on the GIA cert

The GIA cert nonetheless stays an necessary start line for shortlisting your very best diamond — no less than the place value and baseline specs are involved. The following step is to make use of instruments and your eyes to match your shortlisted rocks, below several types of lighting.

For instance, JannPaul has accomplished among the shortlisting for its clients — its Tremendous Splendid Minimize diamonds are actually the creme de la creme of diamonds with GIA certs that present a triple Glorious rating.

Casey Lai, a co-founder of JannPaul, tells us extra: “The Tremendous Splendid Minimize time period, launched in Asia by JannPaul, upholds the strictest normal of diamond cuts on this planet. Nevertheless, it’s a closely misused time period as of late.

“When JP began 10 yrs in the past, this normal of diamonds was by no means seen out there earlier than and it took the trade abruptly. Over time, many jewellers have misused and abused the time period to promote low-quality diamonds as their very own ‘Tremendous Splendid Minimize’.

“Sadly, the diamond trade will not be regulated, permitting any distributors to loosely label their items. As much as as we speak, we proceed to teach our purchasers to allow them to make knowledgeable selections and never be misled.”

Are you trying to purchase a diamond or to seek out out extra concerning the choice course of? Click on right here to seek out out extra on JannPaul’s web site.

Do you know which you could additionally get a web based session from JannPaul? The jeweller now has the know-how and instruments to take action. Contact JannPaul at [email protected] to rearrange for a web based session service.

In-article images and screenshots courtesy of JannPaul.

Have these insights helped you to make a extra knowledgeable selection if you end up shopping for a diamond? Tell us within the feedback under!

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